Video-photographic service is not a detail in an event. Especially in the era of social networks, where everything is image. An unseen event cannot run. A professional photo shoot is crucial. Immortalize the most important moments of a congress, a theatrical performance: build a social communication on them. Use images to convey a message to the media or to your partners. There are many uses that can be made of a video-photographic service.

Telling a backstage, the processing phases of an event, its development. Narrating the ”behind the scenes” of major events, a little known moment but of great appeal in the social field, because it is capable of representing all the phases of the organization of high-level appointments. A service, carried out by professional photographers and cameramen, which distinguishes the Auditorium del Massimo in the audience of national locations. A choice that Think UP, Global Service of Auditorium del Massimo, strongly wanted because it is aware of the importance of the image in the future of an event.