Organizational strategy and event direction

The organizational secretariat is a decisive element. It coordinates, organizes and ensures correct operations of an event: each gear aligns with the customer’s needs. It feeds on experience and never underestimate the details, which can determine the success of a great event. It provides correct actions at the right time and attention to details. The
crowning of a structured activity is a top event, which cannot be separated from these elements and Auditorium del Massimo works towards this goal. Thanks to the experience of Think UP, which manages it in Global Service, today it is a cutting-edge location. It provides the customer with an organizational direction and secretarial service that shapes the event and creates it. The key to success lies in delivering a “turnkey” event. Audio, video, lights, scenography, transfer, catering, hostess & steward, interpreting, communication. Services coordinated by the organizational secretariat, apex of a process tending towards one goal: success.