We offer alternative solutions for events in total compliance with the legislation concerning social distancing. We have created our “Virtual Events”, useful tools for conferences, meetings, conventions, fairs, training courses and much more. Events able to guarantee quality and reliability in communicating and connecting participants.

sala massimo telecamera
chroma key

Personalized solutions

Multistreaming connection between multiple users and company offices. Ideal for training courses, team building, meetings, board of directors, product presentation. Main link in the chosen location. Upload, download, consultation and sharing of documents.

Virtual Event ”Meeting”

Streaming connection between multiple users and locations. Ideal for plenary meetings of institutions, national and supranational authorities. Main connection in the chosen location. Upload, download, consultation and sharing documents.

Tecnologia ”Chroma Key”/Set Televisivo

The event will be realized in Chroma Key technology and / or the creation and preparation of the corporate identity sets. On location or in house, a TV Set style format, totally customizable. From the podium with speaker table to the talk show model. A complete set up of audio / video / lighting system, direction and technical assistance.

Virtual Forum

More speakers, an infinite audience

From office or home

Virtual events in which the speakers (in the maximum number of 6) will be able to connect simultaneously via streaming, each from their home or office, with all the participants in the event.

Ad hoc services

This mode sees the offer of ad hoc services such as direction at our headquarters, graphic customization of each element (titles, girths, contents and much more), social sharing and live chat.

Virtual Event Website

Accreditation, participation, sponsor

A dedicated website

Not only in house or on location: our virtual events can also take the form of a dedicated website, built specifically for your event. From welcoming and accrediting participants, to interaction in the sponsor area, up to participation in the work in the plenary room and in parallel classrooms.

Sponsor Center

In developing virtual events we have not forgotten the often fundamental role of partners and sponsors. To this end, we have set up the possibility of a dedicated virtual exhibition area. A “sponsor center” where you can create relationships, visit their websites, view company presentations, view product sheets, make contact and request information via Live Chat.

Engagement e interazione

Live chat and instant messaging

An immersive and interactive participation

Participation in Virtual Events is structured with access through dedicated codes. During the live broadcast it will in fact be possible to interact with the help of Live Chat via the messaging platform. At the end of the live session, it is possible to download the materials using the same credentials.

Each solution provides

Dedicated technical assistance

Direction of connection between remote and on-site contents

Video shooting with bi or quad camera direction and event recording

Technological devices for audio / video reproduction

Multi trasmissione in streaming di documenti documentali/audio/video

Optional Services

Encoding streaming on external platforms (Facebook/Youtube)

Integrated graphics and creativity service

Organizational secretariat

Social Media and Communication