Mobile tensile structure

Auditorium del Massimo Sala Francesco Saverio tensostruttura top level location per eventi



Adjacent to Sala Massimo and Sala Michele Ruggieri, it is a mobile, treadmill and air-conditioned structure that can be used for trade fairs, commercial exhibitions, meetings, educational internships. Its location makes it perfect for setting up functional standing buffets but also for refined gala dinners for up to 200 comfortably seated guests.

It also has a comfortable backyard, which in addition to acting as a connecting space between the Francesco Saverio Room and the Massimo Room can be used as a corner for accreditation and sponsors. It has several entrances and exits that lead onto Massimo and Ruggieri, so as to allow the simultaneous use of three rooms as a single event.

Technical features

• seats: up to 400 standing

• fixed area of ​​the structure: 380 square meters

• maximum expandability of the room: + 36 m2

• 9 interlocked electrical sockets

• halogen lighting with 150 W lamps

• height of the tensile structure in the eaves 2.85 m


• altezza dei canali aerei di condizionamento m 2,40

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