location per eventi - la gestione del cliente

Translators and interpreters, key figures in major international events. Congresses and conferences require a translation and interpreting service. The public that reaches us from all over the world requires a choice. A service of translators and interpreters of the highest profile. Essential in international events.

Auditorium del Massimo annually hosts international events in the fields of medicine, culture and industry: a clientele to whom top events can be delivered. Our location has the appropriate technical equipment suitable for the use of the service.

Sala Massimo is equipped with 3 translation booths to house translators and interpreters to whom to entrust the usability of a multilingual event. In the intentions of Think UP, which manages the Auditorium del Massimo in Global Service, this service is essential. Opening up to the world and to the needs of an increasingly international clientele is the guiding star of a location that wants to be at the top in Rome and Italy.