Events and catering, a close relationship we know the importance. And also for this service we rely on partners of excellence: Palombini Ricevimenti and Cristal Catering.

The quality of products and services is the strong point of the choice that Think UP, Global Service of Auditorium del Massimo, has decided to pursue. Catering and banqueting for large events find their dimension in the Pedro Arrupe, Michele Ruggieri and Francesco Saverio rooms. The secret of a perfect catering service for large events is knowing the specific needs of each customer, building ad hoc packages that meet their needs and expectations in terms of quality and safety.

Also in the Foyer we find the Lounge Bar AdM, with opening on request. Its activity is characterized by its versatility in the administration of drinks and food. Staff of great experience, delight in breakfasts, lunches, aperitifs, dinners and after dinner.